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October 25, 2008


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Mark LaRosa


This is a GREAT post. I'm going to re-blog it on my start-up sales blog. As someone that started a company (and began my career as a programmer/entrepreneur), I completely subscribe to this idea.

In my start-up sales work now, I am always telling the companies that they need to focus on what people will pay for - and need to make sure that features being built are indeed focused on what the market wants. Often what you THINK it wants,is not what it wants (or is willing to pay for).

Prospects and customers can tell you WAY more than what you can dream up in a closed door conference room.

Lance Cooper

Jeff ...

"In my mind, learning how to sell a new product is one of the defining differences between a technology startup and an established business."

Most engineers and technology minds don't get this. Their sophistication doesn't seem to encompass the tie between sales intelligence, target markets, and the judicious 'engineering' of a sales process that also provides market intelligence at startup.

Excellent thoughts.

Lance Cooper, President
SalesManage Solutions


seems like the mountain view office is all about engineering and algorithms… and the new york office is all about adsence and ad sales.


Gotcha. I wasn't sure if you were talking about the PPC paradigm or some sort of fancy pipelining system. I think the other genius of AdWords is the lack of a minimum buy-in, although I don't know if they were first with that.

All of what I know about Google internal I learned from Glassdoor.com and my MIT friends. Seems like non-engineers are second class citizens in the google world


Joseph thanks for asking - The Google sales team pioneered the process of selling key word campaigns. In 1998/99 most advertising campaigns were banner buys. Most online ad sales teams were geared to selling display and CPM. Search key words sales had no playbook. Who to sell to and How to sell had to be discovered/invented.


Can you elaborate on the innovations of the Google sales team? I'm genuinely curious.

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