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November 07, 2008


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Jed Katz

My guess is that this will be a constant theme from the administration, thus accelerating innovation and investment. And winning ideas will be celebrated on a national scale. This is indeed an entrepreneur's dream.


While innovations in the fields of SaaS, Data and social services certainly benefit cleantech, I think the real fire will come from nanotech, silicon-solar, bio-tech, silicon-MEMs, sensors, and who knows what else. Energy is currently a 6 Trillion Dollar market! If Craig Newmark can take the 6 billion dollar newspaper classified industry and turn it into a nice little 100 million dollar industry, imagine if someone like Craig turns energy into a 100 billion dollar industry. Everyone on earth for the next 10 generations would be impacted. Impossible, you say? My grandfather thought it would be impossible to SEE an airplane in his lifetime.


I think the timeline of your climate change solution is dead on.

I was reading NY Magazine the other day, talking about how Obama will make the transition, and there was a line in there like, "The first thing he will do is shift the economy entirely to focus on green energy."

My first thought- damn, this is an entrepreneur's dream. I see no social-networking or even business-networking tool specifically tailored to assist communication between all the new forms of cleantech businesses in this nascent economy. Maybe I just haven't seen it, but there are these huge gaping holes that are just waiting to be filled by the first entrepreneurs that win the intellectual race to think of them.

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